OMG I’M GONNA BE A GROOMSMAID!! Haha @joeccantu @jessreely 😘😘😘 (at Feierabend)

last week @ Tumalo falls, dude #shwing

'…I'm using lipstick again'

I want them all (at The Ballard Farmers Market)

Fav #vinyl find of the day @KEXP yesterday — @howtodresswell ‘What Is This Heart’ w/ a signed “ILYSM” note, addressed to @hushhushrecords. We LYSM2 Tom! 😘 (at KEXP)

I guess you could say she’s stoked (at Voodoo Donuts)

Morning coffee on the lawn in beautiful Portland 😍 (at Alberta Main Street)

This is the ‘THIS IS THE BEST BISCUIT IN THE ENTIRE WOOOOORLD’ face, brought to you by the beautiful Miss Kelly Knight. (at The Woodsman Tavern)

back in #PDX! beachin’ w @ryanrothermel & rummy 🌊🐶 (at Kelley Point Park)

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