new playlist, chock full of downtempo, sad bastard gems for your dreamy/stoney/sad sunday morning. best enjoyed in headphones, with a cup of something warm to drink.



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adventures in toe land #latergram

Lykke Li - “Gunshot”


Well I’m clearly enjoying myself with these two thugs

2day (at Madrona Park)

dad’s dessert. ❤️ #latergram

New Wk in the Life playlist up now! Subscribe on #spotify or listen at, ‘til I’m back on yer radio next Wednesday AM xo

Hi fam,

After almost 6 months of crazy emotional ups and downs and triumphs and losses and victories and straight up EXHAUSTION, I get to take 4 days off in a row! FOUR! So naturally, I’ve retreated to my dad’s and nestled right in to the sun-soaked grass, wearing my new headphones.

I’m on day 7 of no caffeine or booze, day 6 of relaxing outside in the sun, and day 3 of a daily meditation challenge. Brain fog is starting to clear, emotions rearing their (sometimes) ugly head and memories returning. And it doesn’t feel bad. It just FEELS. 

Enjoy the playlist! I’m back on air next Tuesday on KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle from 1-6am. This should do in the meantime. xo


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