Being a Cooke means you’re just naturally extremely attractive. @jonpaulcooke

Fav vinyl find of the day at #KEXP!

My dad and I used to listen to a LOT of PM Dawn back in the day. Thanks for passing along your musical taste, @catchbigair ☺️ (at KEXP)

4ever grateful to my girl #catpower for this masterpiece of an album.❤️💜💛

happy place (at Cama Beach)

I lub you. 🍓😘

my other sister. @mjanekoolaid 😍 (at Lil Woodys)

serious moi!

#nowplaying :: Flume - Zimbabwe (flume remix)

me in my longtime preferred habitat: sunny//tropical//farmers market, wearing a sundress and sandals. with a straw in a coconut. #TBT @edencooke

@nicojacobs is the proud father of about 1 million flaming hot cheetos (at Lil Woodys)

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